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Report Exec Mobile allows Report Exec users to work efficiently while they are away from a computer. Designed to streamline common tasks from the field, the application allows users to access information from their Report Exec database, capture digital media from the field, issue and print citations, and keep track of daily events and tasks.

Featured Modules

Case Reports

Case Reports

Keep track of the details for every incident

Daily Event Log

Daily Event Log

Keep track of activities during each shift



Streamline citation issuing

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Report Exec Mobile is designed for quick data capture. Using the built-in camera on a smartphone or tablet, you can capture digital images and videos to attach to citations, event logs and reports.


The app reduces data entry time with easy layouts and intuitive workflows. Record daily events in real time, issue citations on the go, and enter case report details in a flash.


It’s easy to access your database no matter where you are. With search capabilities and better information in the field, you can make better decisions.


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