Workplace Violence - Report Exec

Protect employees by tracking and analyzing incidents.

Employers are required to document and track incidents of violence that takes place in the workplace or on company property. By keeping detailed records of workplace violence, employers can work to prevent violent incidents and identify warning signs before conflict escalates, and help reduce exposure to dangerous situations. Supervisors can also document all of the actions they take to resolve the situation that resulted in workplace violence, ensuring that all legal obligations are fulfilled.

The Workplace Violence module also makes it easy to document who was involved in confrontations, the degree of violence, any injuries, weapons used and action taken.


Linking workplace violence reports directly to the corresponding police reports keeps all the information relevant to a workplace violence incident in one place. That makes it easier to find all the information you need.


Keep records of all actions taken in the wake of a workplace violence incident to ensure that the employer’s legal responsibilities are fulfilled.


Analyzing the data gathered through the software module can assist in identifying repeat offenders and problematic situations. Knowledge of the circumstances that can result in workplace violence and warning signs can help employers and supervisors prevent violent incidents in the workplace.

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