Visitor Tracking - Report Exec

Say goodbye to the sign-in sheet

Knowing who is present at your facility is more important than ever. In case of disaster or emergency, it’s crucial to have a reliable record of everyone who was admitted into a facility. Report Exec’s Visitor Tracking module captures visitor’s data as they enter the facility, and records their entrance and exit times, so you always have an accurate record of visitors. But the Visitor Tracking module doesn’t stop there. It also notifies program users when a visitors has stayed past their stated checkout time  and automatically pulls up any alerts or warnings associated with visitors. Users can easily view a visitor’s history with your organization to make more informed decisions when granting permission into the facility.

The Visitor Tracking module makes it fast and easy to capture visitor information through a hardware integration with an external ID card scanner. As a driver’s license or other form of identification is scanned, the software imports the required information into the Visitor Tracking screen.


A hardware integration with the ScanShell 800R Driver’s License scanner allows users to effortlessly enter visitor information into the system. The scanner automatically populates fields with the visitor’s information and stores it in the Report Exec database.


Print color-coded badges directly from the program in order to designate visitors’ access levels or areas that are restricted.


Easily view visitors history with your organization. Visitors with warnings or alerts associated with them will automatically show up in red.

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