Training Tracking - Report Exec

The key to a well-trained, up to date staff.

Ensuring that your staff is properly trained and keeping training records up to date can have a tremendous impact on the success of your security force. Without detailed records of training and certifications, security departments can be held liable for mistakes and face serious repercussions for a perceived lack of preparedness. With the increasing demand for additional certifications and training in the security field, the Training Tracking module is more useful than ever. The Training Tracking module allows users to keep track of training records and special certifications with ease.

In just seconds, supervisors can retrieve details on all the training hours officers have completed. The Training Tracking module also displays the officers who hold certifications, permits or licenses, and all the associated information. Having the right information at your fingertips can help with staffing decisions, and ensure that your team is prepared to handle any situation. The Training Tracking module also allows users to set expiration dates for certifications, licenses, and permits and offers reminders to those who need to get re-trained or re-certified.


Attach certificates, licenses and training documents to training records to provide visual verification of training activities.


Report Exec will automatically send a notification when trainings or certifications are about to expire.


Use the Training Tracking module to make smart staffing decisions and make sure your officers are properly trained.

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