Traffic Stop - Report Exec

Keep officers safe in the field

Report Exec’s Traffic Stop module was designed to keep officers safe as they respond to traffic violations.  As license plate numbers get entered, the system automatically searches the database for contacts or prior violations that may be associated with the vehicle. If there are any warnings associated with the driver, the software will notify the officer by displaying the alert details in red. The Traffic Stop module includes officer safety timers that notify other users of the officer’s location, and can integrate with in-car cameras to send updated pictures from the scene every 60 seconds.


Traffic stops can be dangerous. Report Exec helps officers stay safe while they are working in the field. The software uses automated features to create built in safety checks and can notify other officers when an officer may be in need of assistance.


The software module uses automatic notifications to alert officers whenever known drivers and vehicles require extra caution. By leveraging license plate information and previous contacts, officers can make more informed decisions during traffic stops.


Officers can set time limits before exiting their cars during traffic stops. If they don’t return to the computer before the timer runs out, the software will automatically notify other officers to help ensure officer safety.

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