Risk Management - Report Exec

Use your data to build a safer work environment

Recording employee injuries and taking action to prevent them from happening again just got a lot easier. The Risk Management module keeps track of incidents involving employee illness, injury, or death. With a logical, streamlined workflow, entering all the necessary information into the system is easy. Users can record the probability of recurrence as well as actions taken to prevent it. The Risk Management module helps ensure that necessary protocols are in place and all legal obligations are fulfilled after an injury or other critical incident takes place. Comprehensive analysis features make it easy to pull statistics from your data and identify trends or patterns in incidents.

The Risk Management module collects all the necessary information to automatically populate OSHA forms. In fact, you can print OSHA 300, 300A and 301 forms directly from the software module.


Help reduce rates of safety incidents by recording details and taking action to minimize dangerous conditions. By capturing and storing the information related to dangerous incidents, you can take more effective preventative actions.


It’s easy to print OSHA 300, 300A and 301 forms directly from the Risk Management module.


Assign follow up activities and corrective procedures to prevent recurrence. Delegate tasks to specific individuals and monitor their completion through the program.

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