Online Visitor Registration - Report Exec

Security meets convenience

Allowing your guests to pre-register online using Report Exec’s Online Visitor Registration module. Online Visitor Registration can save time and effort for both staff members and visitors as they enter your facility. Streamlining the visitor registration process cuts down on lines and wait times, eliminating the frustration that can occur when every visitor needs to enter their information at a check-in desk. We know that security procedures can break down when they’re viewed as inefficient, so we’ve worked to make visitor registration as easy as possible with Report Exec’s Online Visitor Registration module.

The Online Visitor Registration module connects to the Visitor Tracking module. When visitors arrive at the check-in desk, the Report Exec user can easily access their history with your organization and view any alerts associated with them.


Employees, students, or residents can register their guests, or guests can access the public website and register themselves.


Using the Online Visitor Registration module, security officers or front desk staff simply need to check visitors’ credentials and print badges upon visitor arrival.


Easily view visitors’ history with your organization when they register and receive alerts for individuals with warnings.

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