Officer Scheduling - Report Exec

Headache-free scheduling. Guaranteed.

The Officer Scheduling module has an easy-to-use interface that allows supervisors to simplify the scheduling process. It’s easy to populate employee schedules in advance while keeping track of holidays, vacations, sick leave, overtime and blackout days. Automating the scheduling process is easy–supervisors can simply specify the number of hours an employee works per week and the minimum time between shifts, and Report Exec will automatically populate the officer’s work schedule for a designated time period.

Make sure your organization is always well-staffed and prepared for busier time periods with the simple, visual Officer scheduling module.


The color-coded calendar view provides a quick, easy to read snapshot of your staff schedules. Scheduling supervisors can designate colors to note holidays, special events, black out days, officer statuses and more.


All requests, shift swaps and approvals are handled through the Officer Scheduling module. Officers can submit their requests and swaps directly through the program to streamline the scheduling process, and supervisors can approve or deny requests while referencing work hour details and monitoring total time off.


Directly from the software module, you can print or email schedules to keep your officers up to date and ensure adequate staffing.

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