Mass Notification - Report Exec

Mass Notification powered by CodeRed

Competitive Edge has teamed up with Emergency Communications Network (ECN) to offer the CodeRED mass notification solution inside the Report Exec software suite. Directly from the Report Exec Dispatch dashboard, users can send alerts to targeted groups of individuals in seconds. Dispatchers can also organize message recipients by location, department or a variety of other criteria to make sure the right person gets the message every time.

The CodeRED system delivers high speed voice calls, text messages, emails, TTD notifications as well as social media alerts to groups of targeted individuals. The system gives authorized users the ability to easily manage their contacts within the mass notification system, with tools to add classifications including qualifications, specialties and languages to effectively alert the right groups of people at the right time with a custom message. The CodeRED system has been in use since 1998 and has been an integral part of thousands of emergency and mass notification strategies for clients across the world.


Integrate your social media accounts through CodeRED for a comprehensive mass notification strategy.


ECN uniquely owns, maintains and manages every part of its triple redundant infrastructure, eliminating the possibility of failure.


ECN provides a customizable Contact Group Enrollment website that offers message recipients the ability to add or modify contact information and manage notification preferences.

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