Lost & Found Manager - Report Exec



The days of the cardboard box called the “Lost and Found” are over. Allowing people to rifle through a box of mobile phones and other items in the old lost and found box drastically increases risk of theft. As we continue to use and lose expensive gadgets that hold valuable personal information, a secure lost and found becomes increasingly important.

Report Exec’s Lost and Found Manager makes it easy to keep detailed records of lost and found property. Lost item reports record all details associated with lost property. When someone comes to look for their missing phone, wallet, or any other item, they can offer a description and submit a lost item report. The user can also search the database of found item reports for anything matching the description and return the property to its owner. All the details of the item’s release are recorded to keep a detailed lost and found log.

When an item is turned in at the lost and found, it’s easy to crosscheck information to find matches with lost item reports or catalog the item and keep records of its location. If a match exists, the user can simply contact the person who filed the lost item report and return their property to them.


Add photos of items to create a visual lost and found database.


Generate barcodes to make taking inventory as easy as scanning a tag.


Print release reports when property is released, documenting the item’s chain of custody.


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