Field Interview Report - Report Exec

A condensed, quick version of the case report

The Field Interview module of the software is designed for cases that need documenting, but don’t require the extensive reporting information found in the Case Reporting Module. Often used for supplemental reports, the Field Interview module records basic information related to an incident: from date, time, and location to contact information, property information and vehicle information. As is the case with all of Report Exec’s 25 modules, it’s easy to generate statistics from Field Interview Reports.

The Field Interview module was designed to be as quick and intuitive as possible. The logical workflow allows users to enter all necessary information in an organized manner simply by clicking tabs for each section of the Field Interview report.

Even users with limited backgrounds in technology find Report Exec be an easy to use, efficient reporting solution. The clean interface and organizational tools within the Field Interview module help capture information quickly and accurately.


With no limitations on narratives, supplements, or digital media, you can attach everything you need directly to the Field Interview report. When all the report details are stored together, it’s easy to find everything you need.


Generate clean, professional field interview reports to print, save or email. Include digital media in the finished report to provide thorough documentation.


Define quick codes for even faster data entry. You customize your organization’s quick codes to reflect your most commonly used incident types and locations, then populate your field interview report fields in just a couple keystrokes.

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