Equipment Tracking - Report Exec

Keep your equipment organized and secure

Managing keys, laptops, tools and other departmental property can get complicated. Report Exec’s equipment tracking module keeps track of which items have been checked out, who released the item, who is responsible for returning the item, and check-out and check-in times.

When equipment is needed, the issuing officer easily locates the item within the Equipment Tracking database. The item’s record provides its physical location, and the issuing officer can record all of the details surrounding its release, including the date and time it must be returned. Cut down on misplaced departmental property, and account for any damages that occur while an item is checkout out with the Equipment Tracking module.


Equipment Tracking module users can run statistical reports on departmental equipment. Filtering by location, users, check-out/check-in times and more can help detect abuse of departmental resources, theft, or habitual late returns.


It’s easy to attach due dates to items that must be returned within a specific time frame and monitor their check-out status.


View detailed status breakdowns of all checked in/checked out equipment. Any overdue equipment is listed to provide a quick reference point within the software module.

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