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Tracking every detail when an emergency hits is essential, but in the chaos of the situation it can be a challenge. Without proper reporting processes in place, it’s impossible to document actions taken in the wake of an emergency and ensure that all legal obligations have been fulfilled and recorded. Whether you’re dealing with a natural disaster, severe weather, an injury, an evacuation or another type of emergency, Report Exec’s Emergency Response module uses a simple, logical workflow to make documenting details easy under extreme circumstances.

The Emergency Response module guides officers through recording all the necessary details and also allows users to send group emergency notifications by email with the click of a button. Through our Mass Notification integration, it’s easy to send important emergency notifications to specific lists of people outside the security department.


Keep detailed records and ensure appropriate response no matter the situation.


Report Exec’s document sharing capabilities make it easy to keep everyone up to date with emergency response procedures. Upload your safety plan and all emergency protocol documents to provide a quick, centralized reference point for your staff.


Ensure that your organization’s legal responsibilities are fulfilled and properly documented after an emergency.

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