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Dispatch smarter

Report Exec Dispatch is a computer aided dispatch (CAD) program designed to improve performance, enhance security and safety and track important details for your organization. When calls come in, dispatchers use the simple user interface to quickly gather all necessary information. Users can view their active and pending calls from one dashboard, as well as a list of all available and unavailable officers.

This module was designed in conjunction with dispatch centers across the United States in order to be easy to use and reliable in critical situations. As a result, Report Exec Dispatch software is a user friendly, feature rich application. The module integrates with the Case Reporting module to automatically populate report information and reduce the time officers spend writing reports.


Report Exec automatically records activities completed within the program, making it easy to track and analyze call types and times, man hours and response times from one program.


Always choose the best officer for the job. Our exclusive Smart Officer Recommendation Technology (S.O.R.T.) uses officer information to help dispatchers choose the right officer based on location, certifications or other criteria.


Reports from the Dispatch software are already up to 70% complete when they reach the reporting officer.

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