Citations - Report Exec

From issuance to payment in record time

The Citations module was created to give you complete control over every aspect of citations. The program streamlines citation issuance by automatically populating information that already exists in the database. Officers can add unlimited digital media including photos, videos, audio clips and documents to provide a record of the situation resulting in the citation. Quick codes and drop-down menus minimize typing and expedite data entry. Report Exec’s easily searchable database keeps detailed records of citations, and allows users to run analytical reports on citations.


System administrators configure settings for the software module. It’s easy to make fine amounts automatically increase after a specified time period, and the system can print letters to notify offenders of their payment deadlines and increases.


Detailed analytics make it easy to run statistical reports based from the program. Users can compile reports to view citation history, paid and unpaid payment statuses, types of violations, and when citation notification letters have been sent.


Cut down on unpaid citations by making it more convenient to pay them. Our integration with Official Payments simplifies citation payments by allowing people to securely submit payment for their citations online. To pay a citation, offenders simply log on to an external website, search for their citation using the citation number and amount of the fine, and enter payment information.

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