Case Reports - Report Exec

Reports of all kinds, made simple

From criminal acts to injuries to fires, incidents are bound to occur. When they do, it’s essential to keep a detailed record of all the information surrounding the incident. With the Case Reports module, officers enter all the information relevant to the incident in one place. The easy user interface with customizable drop-downs, shortcut codes and auto-filling fields makes completing case reports quick and easy, and eliminates the waste and disorganization created by paper reporting methods. Most importantly, when all information is stored in the Report Exec database, you can easily track and analyze dates and times, incident types, contact information, property information and vehicle details. The Case Reports module includes space for unlimited narrative information, and allows users to attach unlimited digital media and assign follow up activities as they complete the case reports.


Officers may include specific alarm, damage, fire, injury or theft information as applicable within the case reports.


System administrators can define automatic review processes to require every report to pass through up to 10 levels of review. Reviewers can send reports back to previous levels for revisions with a single click and attach explanations of the revisions required.


Officers can launch investigations and assign tasks to other users with a simple click within case reports.

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