Auditing - Report Exec

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Report Exec tracks every event and every activity completed within the program, so you’ll stay up to date with everything that’s going on in your security operation. Administrators and supervisors are able to audit all activities completed through Report Exec to ensure efficient use of time and resources. Auditing also helps pinpoint potential weaknesses and areas for improvement. Audits can be easily conducted on reports, users, dispatchers, emails sent through Report Exec, errors, messages and even data usage. With thorough, detailed records, Report Exec’s Auditing module helps you stay on top of it all.


Auditing individual users’ activities in Report Exec makes it easy to hold users accountable for their activities at work. Information gathered through workforce audits can help guide performance reviews and provide a framework for individual goal setting.


The Auditing functionality in Report Exec allows users to specify date ranges to conduct detailed system audits for a variety of time periods. Tracking performance trends to maximize efficiency is easy when you have a database of information to draw upon.


Report Exec automatically tracks and time-stamps every change that is made to a report. When officers edit reports, the software adds the editing user’s name to the changes, and time-stamps the revision. This feature ensures the integrity and security of your data and the reports created through Report Exec.

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