Arrest & Booking - Report Exec

The days of long, tedious booking processes are gone

Report Exec was built by a former police officer that was tired of long, drawn out paperwork. The Arrest and Booking module of the software aims to reduce the time and effort required to process arrests. The streamlined reporting interface streamlines data entry, so officers can compile arrest and booking reports without cutting corners. By reducing the time and effort involved without sacrificing quality, officers are able to complete detailed, accurate records and get back in the field faster. After all, that’s where they can do the most good.


Keep track of all arrest charges, intake information, jail logs, probable cause and warrant information from one easy-to-use program module. Keeping digital records in Report Exec’s easy-to-search database makes it easier to locate all the records you need.


It’s easy to print out arrest and booking sheets, Miranda warnings, intake forms, jail log questionnaires, personal property records and more documents related to arrest and booking procedures.


Keep records of all personal property as it is taken into custody to ensure that it is kept secure and returned to the correct person upon release.

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