Admin Reporting - Report Exec

In the information age, data drives decision-making

Report Exec’s Administrative Reporting module allows users to access valuable security statistics. As officers use the program, they’re not only responding to incidents, they are also contributing to a database of information about your organization. Because information from each report and each module is stored in one database, you can access statistics from every aspect of the program through the Administrative Reporting module. This module helps harness the power of the data your security department generates by organizing it to provide actionable insight.

The more you know, the more you can improve your efforts. From budgets to personnel, the Administrative Reporting module not only helps you make better decisions, it helps you justify them. In addition to the Administrative Reporting module, statistical reporting gets a boost with Report Exec 360, our interactive, real-time business intelligence dashboard.


The report fields in incident reports become search filters in the Administrative Reporting module, so your statistical analyses will include the specific, detailed information you need.


Choose between pre-formatted existing report types or customize the Administrative Reporting settings to compile the precise statistics you need.


Set up a schedule within the program to automatically generate and email your reports. Choose the report type and the frequency you require, and every report will show up in your inbox exactly when you need it.

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