Changing Your Incident Reporting Software: An Increase in Reports May Not Mean an Increase in Crime

4 Aug 17

Understanding how often crime occurs in your community or organization is crucial to preparing for and even eliminating future security and safety issues. The better your reported crime statistics are, the better your planning and response initiatives can be. Without proper incident reporting methods, however, law enforcement and safety officers often see a much lower number of reported incidents than is actually happening.   Ignorance Isn’t Bliss Although increases in reported crime and incidents are never something an organization wants […]

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Tips for making the most of RXC

23 May 17

The second annual RXC, the Report Exec Convention, is rapidly approaching! This year’s event is taking place on June 5th and 6th at Potawatomi Hotel & Casino in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Here’s some tips for making the most of your RXC experience. Utilize one of Milwaukee’s many transit options Once you arrive in Milwaukee, you have many different options to get from General Mitchell International Airport to Potawatomi Hotel & Casino. Three of the most popular ways include requesting a taxi, […]

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How to Plan for Mass Demonstrations

22 May 17

One of the biggest balancing acts for police departments during mass demonstrations is to maintain order, yet allow individuals to express their freedom of speech. Many events from the past have helped shape policies and procedures for mass demonstrations today. These events have turned into case studies for police departments across the country as they plan for mass demonstrations. Those events have helped shape the standards for preparation that departments across the country have implemented. What are some of the […]

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How to Report Clery Crimes Based on Geographic Location

18 May 17

Since the passing of the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act (or Clery Act for short) in 1990, college and university campuses across the country have been required to report all crimes and incidents that occur on and around their college campus. This has led to increased transparency on campus safety that helps parents and students stay informed and also provides institutions with standardized information. One important aspect for reporting crimes under the Clery […]

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What Role Should College Administrators Play when Sexual Violence is Reported in their Community?

5 May 17

By: Jordan L. Draper, End Violence Against Women International (EVAWI) Associate Board Member and Elizabeth Gallus, EVAWI Advisory Board Member In recent months, there have been multiple lawsuits claiming due process and discrimination issues on campuses where students found responsible for acts of sexual violence have been suspended or expelled. In response, some states have initiated legislation to limit institutional investigation and/or adjudication of these incidents by college administrators. For example, Georgia proposed HB 51, a bill designed to cripple colleges’ abilities to […]

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6 Ways to Keep Your Officers Happy

1 May 17

  In a previous blog post, we discussed the benefits of a happy safety/security team. In this post, we present six ways that managers and supervisors can ensure their officers are happy even when departmental budgets are tight.   1. Respect and Support One of the biggest reasons officers may feel dissatisfied with their jobs is a lack of respect and support in the workplace. Many officers receive little respect in their day to day duties and all too often […]

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