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3 Benefits of Happier Security Officers

31 Mar 17

The job of a security officer is consistently voted as one of the top 3 unhappiest jobs in America (and took home 2nd place in 2016). On top of that, the security industry’s turnover rate is one of the highest in America with some experts speculating the turnover rate to be as high as 200%!

These are issues that have plagued the security industry for many years and are not showing any signs of stopping. Unfortunately, many organizations don’t see the value in trying to improve conditions for security officers despite the fact that there are many long lasting benefits that organizations can attain when security officers are happier with their job. In this blog post we discuss why these organizations may want to think twice before neglecting the satisfaction of their security officers.

Benefits of Keeping Security Officers Happy


Higher Engagement & Pride In Their Job

When officers are happier at their job they’re much more likely to be engaged and proud of their work and achievements. When this occurs, officers are much more likely to go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure the people they are sworn to protect are safe. Engaged officers take their job seriously and bring energy and passion to their job. This energy can be contagious and encourage others to strive to bring that enthusiasm as well.

However, officers who lack engagement and pride in their job have a tendency to slack off and not put forth a lot of effort in their job. When people’s safety is at stake, this could lead to unintended but disastrous situations and tolerating inattentive security officers is a risky thing to allow.


Less Turnover & Costs

It’s no secret that unhappy officers are more likely to quit than happy officers, however, the cost of losing a security officer is larger than most people predict. Many believe the cost ends after advertising for and hiring a new officer, but this is when the real costs begin. After hiring the new officer, he or she will require intensive training and won’t be ready to hit the field until completion of their training, but they still will need to be paid throughout this process. This is a loss of resources that could have been avoided if the first officer never left.

However, a large turnover rate alone can hurt much more than monetary costs. When turnover is high, a staff will most likely consist of more inexperienced people than experienced. An inexperienced staff will not be as perceptive due to a lack of experience in their new role and are more likely to make more mistakes.


Educated and Knowledgeable Staff

Probably the most important benefit to having a happy team is that officers will want to stay in their current organization and will be more knowledgeable of their surroundings and the day to day process of their job. This knowledge leads to an advanced awareness and insight which gives more experienced officers the ability to understand if something is amiss seemingly through intuition alone. This is something that can’t be trained and is an invaluable asset to a team.

Experienced officers are also important for the “customer service” side of an organization. Security officers represent an organization so having an educated and knowledgeable security staff can help to improve the credibility of an entire organization.


We will be discussing ways to improve the happiness and satisfaction of security officers in an upcoming blog post, so make sure to check back for that update.