March 2017 - Report Exec

3 Benefits of Happier Security Officers

31 Mar 17

The job of a security officer is consistently voted as one of the top 3 unhappiest jobs in America (and took home 2nd place in 2016). On top of that, the security industry’s turnover rate is one of the highest in America with some experts speculating the turnover rate to be as high as 200%! These are issues that have plagued the security industry for many years and are not showing any signs of stopping. Unfortunately, many organizations don’t see […]

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4 Leaf Clover Promotion

17 Mar 17

St. Patrick’s Day is here and we’re celebrating the holiday by giving you a chance to receive free licenses for Report Exec through our 4 Leaf Clover promotion! For a limited time, your organization has the chance to receive an additional license for every 3 licenses you purchase of Report Exec. With your FREE extra licenses, more officers can utilize our innovative software to gather and analyze security data while streamlining operations. More officers using Report Exec means more opportunities to create in-depth reports and […]

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Report Exec Merges with ITI!

16 Mar 17

Today we are announcing that Competitive Edge Software (Report Exec) and Information Technologies, Inc. (ITI) are merging to create a new company that immediately establishes itself as a leader in the public safety and security management market. Who is ITI? Based in St. Louis, ITI provides a comprehensive cloud-based platform that addresses the law enforcement market. The platform includes modules for computer-aided dispatch, records management, jail management and court administration. ( A Perfect Fit Report Exec and ITI are an […]

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Tips for Staying Safe on Spring Break

3 Mar 17

Over the next few weeks, college students across the country will be getting ready to leave campus for spring break destinations. While their minds are drifting off to beaches, mountains, and parties, they may not be aware of what they should do to stay safe while traveling, and how to keep their property at home secure while they are away. Here’s a list of quick tips to share for a safe, secure spring break experience. Before you leave for your […]

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