November 2016 - Report Exec

How is the UK Rethinking Campus Safety?

23 Nov 16

In the United States, one in four college women have reported surviving a sexual assault or an attempted sexual assault and only 11% of these college women will report their sexual assault to authorities. These are staggering and horrifying statistics that remind us of how much work needs to be done in our country. While sexual assault on college campuses in the United States is far too prevalent and very much an issue, the country has taken a positive step […]

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What is Causing Nurses to Go on Strike?

8 Nov 16

Across the United States, nurses from various healthcare organizations have been going on strike to improve job conditions that have been sorely overlooked for many years. The most recent strike occurred in Minnesota and took over a month to resolve. Similar to other nurse strikes occurring, the nurses were fighting to bring attention and change to the level of workplace violence that was occurring in their hospitals. Workplace violence can happen in any industry or organization, however, the healthcare industry […]

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