September 2015 - Report Exec

Mass Notification Best Practices: Testing

28 Sep 15

So you’ve got your mass notification software up and running, you have everyone trained, and you have messages created for every possible emergency ranging from a traffic jam to an alien invasion. Now it’s time to sit back, relax, and let the software do its thing right? Wrong! Like everything else in the world, practice makes perfect. By continually checking in to see how the system is performing during tests, you’ll be able to make the correct modifications to have […]

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Mass Notification Best Practices: Creating Messages

23 Sep 15

It’s time to dive into some best practices for creating the messages that will be sent out when an emergency strikes. This is a critical activity due to the nature of human emotions during an emergency. When there is panic, messages need to provide a clear and structured solution to the emergency that is taking place. Have Messages Ready An emergency can happen at any moment and it is crucial that everyone is alerted as soon as possible to increase […]

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Mass Notification Best Practices: Education & Training

22 Sep 15

Proper education and training is essential—not only for those sending alerts—but also for the people who will receive the mass notifications, so they know how to respond to alerts. Staff Training                             At this point, an organization should have one main user with complete control and authority over sending alerts. Now is the time to ensure the selected person knows how to use the system. Most mass notification solutions will offer their own training sessions so no one is left in […]

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Mass Notification Best Practices: Who to Work With

21 Sep 15

In our previous post, we discussed working within your department when implementing mass notification software, but it is equally important to know which external agencies to work with in order to get the most out of your mass notification system. IT To have a good feel between what’s possible, what isn’t possible, how much work may be involved, and if the notification capabilities are already available for use, sitting down and having a conversation with your IT department is a […]

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Mass Notification Best Practices: Planning

18 Sep 15

Technical vs Communication Proper planning is one of the most important processes when it comes to communicating safety information during an emergency. Many variables can stand between delivering an effective emergency alert and reaching no one at all. In this post, we will be going through a few key aspects to consider when planning for the use of a mass notification system. Technical Planning Before planning your messages or even who will operate your mass notification system, there should be […]

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Mass Notification Best Practices: Intro

17 Sep 15

In the event of an emergency, certain responsibilities fall on the security, safety, or law enforcement team in charge. One key responsibility is to alert others of any danger that has presented itself and communicate what steps to take in order to stay safe. Prior to recent innovations, most emergencies were communicated through low-tech methods that could easily be misinterpreted without proper training. Common methods such as sirens and bells may alert the community about an emergency, but they don’t […]

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