June 2015 - Report Exec

Report Exec Users Share Stories to Win for Charity

29 Jun 15

Giving back to others has always been a major part of Report Exec’s identity. Over the years we have donated to numerous charities and are always excited to get involved in the community and help those in need. While helping others has always been very important to us, we know that many of our customers are also very involved in charities and community outreach. Because our customers are like family to us, we want to help our customers give to […]

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How an Incident Reporting Tool Increased the Safety of a Healthcare System

18 Jun 15

Safety is a top priority in the healthcare industry. To keep patients and staff members safe, it’s important to know everything that is happening within a healthcare facility… the good things and the bad things. Unfortunately, that is easier said than done and many health and safety incidents could be prevented with accurate reporting. A recent study of a healthcare organization dives into this issue and provides an in depth look at how the organization was able to improve patient […]

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