March 2015 - Report Exec

How to Retain Quality Security Employees

24 Mar 15

Employee turnover is an issue that affects many industries, but none quite as much as the security industry. The security industry boasts an employee turnover rate rivaling only the fast food industry and doesn’t show any signs of dropping. A normal turnover rate for most industries can fluctuate between 15 – 30%, however the annual turnover rate of an average private security firm exceeds 100% and can even trend as high as 400% for smaller startup firms. So much rides […]

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Providing Safe Locations through Environmental Design Webinar

11 Mar 15

Every building project comes laden with golden opportunities to become dramatically safer, healthier and more productive if caught early enough in the planning process (and often at no additional cost). Even existing, dysfunctional environments can be improved in extraordinary ways when looked at with fresh eyes or through a new set of lenses. Report Exec is continuing their Featured Webinar series with a fantastic webinar from Tod Schneider on how to improve safety and prevent crimes. The “Safe, Healthy and […]

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How Much Violence is Really in Our Schools?

3 Mar 15

School violence is a serious issue that is finally beginning to receive the global attention it deserves. Affecting about 749,200 children per year, school violence can produce long-lasting effects that some children battle well into their adulthood. Some of the more common effects that children face include anger, anxiety, depression, lower test scores, and even a chance of developing PTSD. Although the effects of school violence are heavily documented and studied, can the same be said for the amount of […]

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