February 2015 - Report Exec

Report Exec Forums are Now Live!

25 Feb 15

Customer feedback and interaction has been paramount in helping us build the software that we offer today. Learning more about the needs of our customer is extremely important in helping us continue to provide a superior product. To give customers a medium to discuss Report Exec and other important topics, we’ve created the new Report Exec forums! Through the new forums, customers will be able to: Learn and discuss Report Exec best practices Discuss news and trends happening in your […]

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Our Support Site Got a Facelift

11 Feb 15

Our customers value the ability to manage their organization as efficiently and effectively as possible. We want to help our customers achieve that goal so we created our Support site to provide access to important Report Exec support documents and updates. However, the Support site has been around for a while now and we thought it was beginning to look a little stale and not being utilized to its full potential. It was time to give the Support site a […]

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Why Checklists Are Important During Emergencies and How to Create an Effective One

3 Feb 15

In 1935, 2 experienced pilots crashed a B-17 during its first test flight. Their years of experience and extensive qualifications weren’t enough to ensure a successful takeoff, and pilot error caused serious injuries resulting in the death of a few crew members. Even when we feel totally comfortable with a task, even when we’ve done it hundreds of times, we can still miss the important steps that prevent disaster. The first checklists were conceptualized as a response to the B-17 […]

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