January 2015 - Report Exec

Report Exec Launches Referral Program

28 Jan 15

ATTENTION CURRENT CUSTOMERS: Tell a Friend About Report Exec and Get Rewarded! Report Exec has launched a new referral program for current customers! We’ve noticed that a lot of our customers are talking about our incident reporting software, Report Exec, and will often mention to friends and colleagues how the program has helped their security management operations. We don’t think it’s fair for you to help us out without receiving some credit for being such fantastic customers. Through our brand […]

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Knowing Your Numbers: Security and the Importance of Metrics Webinar

19 Jan 15

The use of security data analysis is allowing security professionals to work more efficiently and effectively than ever before. Before the use of metrics and data analytics, it was very difficult to understand if your security strategy was effective or recognize what needed to change to create a safer environment for your organization. Now, with proper metrics and statistics, receiving real-time security data from your organization is as easy as a few clicks of a button, which can allow for […]

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How Anti-Bullying Grades Made a School District Safer

6 Jan 15

You see it all the time in the news and online: more and more promising young children are taking their own lives and families are suffering due to bullying at school and online. With a wide range of life-long negative effects for both the bullied and the bully, more attention is being brought to the viciousness of bullying and how people can get involved to put an end to physical and emotional harassment. Bullying is finally being taken as serious as […]

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