December 2014 - Report Exec

Everything You Need to Know About the 2015 OSHA Reporting Requirements

22 Dec 14

As of January 1st 2015, OSHA will be requiring major changes with regards to which companies are required to report major incidents and when they must document these events. The main reporting concern on OSHA’s mind is the recording of fatalities, serious injuries, and illnesses. While the current rule of reporting any and all fatalities within 8 hours of the occurrence will remain the same, there will be sweeping changes made to how employers must document and report any serious […]

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Reactive vs. Proactive Security Strategy

11 Dec 14

A well-developed security strategy is arguably the most important element to have in place prior to any crises or emergencies that happen to arise. Having a methodical checklist-like approach to any situation that requires security intervention will be able to limit any time lost on deciding how to control a situation and how to take appropriate action. While essentially every security force has a strategy plan in place for emergencies, most seem to rely on the situation to come to them before […]

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