November 2014 - Report Exec

Analyzing Incident Reports to Create a Safer Environment

20 Nov 14

Wayne State University School of Medicine in Detroit recently conducted a study on patient violence against healthcare professionals. Their thought process was simple; by examining the incident reports related to violence against hospital employees, researchers could identify common factors between incidents. With a better understanding of which situations tend to produce violent outbursts, hospitals can provide more applicable training and ensure that healthcare workers are better prepared and aware of risky conditions. Judith Arnetz, the lead researcher, says, “In order […]

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Anti-Human Trafficking Efforts Get a Boost from Report Exec

6 Nov 14

Report Exec donates software to help combat human trafficking in India. Human trafficking is one of the fastest growing criminal industries worldwide, generating an estimated $32 billion annually[1]. Competitive Edge Software, a company dedicated to keeping people safe, is reaching across national borders to help Oasis International combat human trafficking in one of the most afflicted countries—India. India has the largest estimated number of people in modern slavery, with an estimated 13.3-14.7 million victims[2]. Oasis works worldwide to promote education and […]

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