October 2014 - Report Exec

5 Ways Big Data Can Help Your Security Program

23 Oct 14

The use of predictive analytics, also known as big data, has become ever more present in the way managers throughout the world run their programs. From chief executive officers to marketing interns, professionals are tracking their analytics in hopes of discovering a better way to do things. And the best part? It’s working. Even in the most unpredictable environments analysts are able to predict quite accurately how events will play out. The ER department of the Melbourne hospital in Australia has turned […]

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New Reporting Requirements for California Hospitals

6 Oct 14

In a recent blog post, we discussed the implications of the California Senate Bill requiring increased efforts to eliminate workplace violence in hospitals. Last week, California Governor Jerry Brown signed the bill, officially enacting the new policy. This will require hospitals and healthcare facilities to adopt workplace violence prevention plans as a part of their injury and illness prevention plans. The plans must be in place by July 1, 2016, which gives California hospitals less than two years to comply. […]

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