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Report Exec Integrates with CodeRED for Mass Notification

18 Sep 14

The comprehensive security management software integrates with CodeRED mass notification service.

[MILWAUKEE]—(Insert date here)—The mission to help keep people safe continues as Competitive Edge Software Inc. (CESI) incorporates mass notification capabilities into Report Exec, its incident management software suite designed for security professionals. CESI and Emergency Communications Network (ECN), the nation’s largest provider of mass notification solutions have announced a strategic partnership to offer ECN’s CodeRED mass notification service within Report Exec.

As recent active shooter events and severe weather situations have demonstrated, mass notification has life-saving potential and is a crucial element of a safety strategy. The integration between the two systems makes it easy for Report Exec Dispatch users to quickly deliver messages to targeted individuals through voice calls, text messages, email, RSS feeds and social media. The integration gives dispatchers the tools to effectively reach targeted groups of individuals without expending additional resources outside of the Dispatch module.

Originally developed for local governments to send emergency notifications to citizens, the CodeRED solution enhances the Report Exec software suite as it will allow safety officials at universities, corporations, hospitals and other organizations to notify their communities of dangerous situations, severe weather advisories, viral outbreaks or other urgent developments.

CodeRED utilizes proprietary technology that ensures full message delivery even when calls are picked up by answering devices. ECN will power the integration on the same triple redundant, wholly owned, operated and maintained infrastructure used to send more than 1 billion messages on behalf of public safety organizations across the country.

“This partnership between two industry leaders provides immediate value and efficiency to Report Exec users who are tasked with truly critical responsibilities that require access to a reliable, trusted solution. The core of our business is to effectively alert, inform and affect lives, and we know this partnership makes that possible for the thousands of clients who rely on Report Exec daily,” says David DiGiacomo, ECN President.

Sean Mars, the founder of CESI, states, “We’re constantly working to give security professionals the best tools to help keep people safe. By partnering with ECN, we can harness a proven solution and give our customers critical communication abilities within Report Exec. They won’t have to waste precious time switching between programs or learn a new system—this powerful tool will be right at their fingertips.”

About Competitive Edge Software Inc.

Competitive Edge Software is an innovator in the incident reporting and security management field. Its software suite, Report Exec, integrates 25 modules into one comprehensive security program to streamline security operations while collecting and analyzing security data.

About Emergency Communications Network

Headquartered in Ormond Beach, Florida, Emergency Communications Network, LLC (ECN) has pioneered high-speed notification services capable of reaching millions of people in minutes. ECN’s sophisticated network supports a Web-based product suite featuring six major services: CodeRED® which enables local government officials to communicate time-sensitive, personalized messages in a multimodal approach; CodeRED Weather Warning™ which provides automated alerts to people in the path of severe weather just moments after a warning has been issued by the National Weather Service; Code-ED® for use by school systems to improve communications with their communities; CityWatch™, a premise based, full featured outbound and inbound communication notification system; SmartNotice™, a business continuity and staff notification solution and MyDailyCall™ for scheduling calls to check on at-risk individuals, including the elderly, infirm and latchkey kids.