September 2014 - Report Exec

Congratulations are in order!

30 Sep 14

Today wraps up National Campus Safety Awareness Month, and that means we had the much-anticipated drawing for our grand prize package this morning. A big round of applause goes out to Robert Graham from Ringling College of Art + Design.   Robert is the lucky winner of…   A free upgrade to GOLD support 1 free day of on-site training 1 free registration for a training conference of your choice 20% off select integrations and services for one calendar year   Select […]

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“Boys will be boys”: turning a blind eye to bullying

26 Sep 14

Bullying, hazing, harassment and violence are serious issues that permeate our culture. Incidents of bullying in schools repeatedly make headlines as students who are victims of bullying act out to hurt themselves or others. Hazing rituals at universities result in injury or even death for victims. It’s even present in some of the most prominent professional circles—for example, the NFL has dealt with scandal over the hazing rituals endured by some players. The attitudes of “boys will be boys” and […]

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6 Reasons Students Don’t Report Crime on Campus

19 Sep 14

Many studies have been conducted to examine why victims of sexual assault don’t come forward to report the assault. The high rates of sexual assault on college campuses, when combined with statistics that show they’re often unreported, are especially alarming. There are myriad reasons that victims of sexual assault on campus don’t come forward to report it to authorities, but what about other crime on campus? The research on what keeps people from reporting crime on campus can be very […]

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Report Exec Integrates with CodeRED for Mass Notification

18 Sep 14

The comprehensive security management software integrates with CodeRED mass notification service. [MILWAUKEE]—(Insert date here)—The mission to help keep people safe continues as Competitive Edge Software Inc. (CESI) incorporates mass notification capabilities into Report Exec, its incident management software suite designed for security professionals. CESI and Emergency Communications Network (ECN), the nation’s largest provider of mass notification solutions have announced a strategic partnership to offer ECN’s CodeRED mass notification service within Report Exec. As recent active shooter events and severe weather […]

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Campus Safety and Accountability Act

11 Sep 14

According to The White House Council on Women and Girls, one in five women is sexually assaulted while pursuing a degree at college. While everyone can agree this number is too high, the best course of action to eliminate sexual violence is obscured by confusion and tension between legislators and institutions of higher education. A new bipartisan movement in the Senate aims to increase institutional accountability for accurately reporting and investigating sexual assault. The Campus Safety and Accountability Act was […]

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National Campus Safety Awareness Month

5 Sep 14

It takes a lot of time, effort and planning to establish and maintain a safe campus environment. On behalf of the team at Report Exec, we tip our hats to all those who work day in and day out to keep students, faculty and staff safe.  In conjunction with National Campus Safety Awareness Month (going on this September), our team will be discussing a number of campus safety issues here on our blog, as well as offering tips and advice […]

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