September 2013 - Report Exec

A Connecticut school district improves security measures

27 Sep 13

In the wake of tragedies like the Sandy Hook elementary school shootings, districts everywhere are looking to improve their security solutions. One town in Connecticut recently received funding and approved new security measures, Minuteman News Center reported. The Westport, Conn., school district is receiving nearly $300,000 from the state that will help fund a $1.2 million security project that was recently authorized by the Westport Board of Education. Westport is just one of 169 schools that have been approved for grants in […]

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Mall security world-wide sees a boost after Nairobi tragedy

26 Sep 13

As one of the most heavily trafficked public places, malls are now considering upgrading their security management system in order to suppress safety risks. After a deadly shooting in a shopping center in Nairobi, Kenya, mall security systems worldwide have seen an increase in effort to improve their safety measures to prevent similar events. An upscale Nairobi mall was targeted by a militant group this week, who stormed the crowded civic center and unleashed a devastating attack against the shoppers. According to most recent numbers, 67 […]

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Oakland residents seek private security amid rising crime rates

25 Sep 13

In some areas, the police force constantly work amid pressures of tight budgets and increasing violence in their communities. Private security, typically reserved for executives and celebrities, has been hired as extra eyes and ears in Oakland, California. Due to the rising crime rate and the laying off of many sworn law officials, the private security will aid the efforts of the overwhelmed police force. Oakland has consistently had high crime rates to become one of the most dangerous cities in the U.S. […]

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Surveillance demands growing significantly in North America

24 Sep 13

In a short span of time, many areas of the world have seen extensive acts of violence, driving security officials to improve their public safety strategies. One method many organizations are turning to is the integration of video surveillance into their security management system. Through this, guards believe they will be better able to identify and deter potential threats to their domain. According to new reports, surveillance services have seen significant demand increases, largely due to the growing dangers that are […]

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Continuous training emphasized in hospital security improvements

23 Sep 13

For hospitals, it has become increasingly important for security personnel and staff to apply the proper training in the event of a threat on their grounds. With all of the hustle and chaos associated with hospital security, security guards may not work to ensure ongoing improvements to safety procedures and therefore cause potential problems for the hospital in the future. While there are many steps medical centers can take to provide better protection, consistent exercises are needed to ensure that […]

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Delaware issues statewide call for courthouse security improvements

20 Sep 13

Many organizations have had close calls or first-hand experiences with threatening situations, spurring large movements to improve their security management solution to better protect their facilities. The shooting in the New Castle County Courthouse in February of this year has driven a call for upgraded courthouse security procedures for all three counties in Delaware. The advancements will create a more secure environment and prevent further incidents from occurring in the courthouses. The New Castle County Courthouse was shocked as a man shot […]

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