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Stabbing victim files lawsuit following hotel security failure

9 Jan 13

The victim's lawsuit alleges hotel security failed to properly ensure the safety of its patrons.

A Chicago-area man recently filed a lawsuit against the hotel and restaurant where he was stabbed by an assailant last November.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, Dr. Mir Jafar Shah was having dinner at the Grill on the Alley eatery within the Westin Michigan Avenue Chicago Hotel on the city’s Magnificent Mile before getting up to use the bathroom. It was there that police say Jimmy Harris, 56, attempted to rob Shah, punching him and stabbing his neck and face. When a bartender came to Shah’s aid, Harris reportedly stabbed him as well before fleeing the scene. Police later apprehended the suspect near the scene of the crime.

Shah has filed a lawsuit against both the Grill on the Alley restaurant and the Westin Michigan Avenue Chicago Hotel. The Sun-Times reports that the suit alleges negligence on the part of the named establishments, referring to the failure of hotel security management to ensure patron safety and prevent the attack.

Shah’s lawsuit claims that Harris’s ability to hide out in the restroom, waiting to pounce on his victim, was a severe security breach that placed Shah and other diners in danger. According to the Chicago Tribune, the lawsuit refers to the defendants’ inability to properly secure their establishment and allowing “unauthorized persons to gain access to their hotel, restaurant and restroom facilities.”

While Shah and his family aver that the hotel and restaurant were negligent in that night’s security failure, they praised the Chicago Police Department and the city’s first responders’ quickness in apprehending the assailant and providing Shah prompt medical attention.

In a statement issued following the attack, they said, “the family would like to thank the Chicago PD – particularly noting their responsiveness, empathy and dedication.”