Hotel management lead police to suspects following string of assaults  - Report Exec

Hotel management lead police to suspects following string of assaults 

24 Oct 12

Police nabbed a man responsible for stealing jewelry from hotel rooms.

A New Orleans man recently died after he got into an argument with a hotel security guard. The Associated Press reported that the 48-year-old man was transported to a Lafayette, Louisiana, hospital after he was in a confrontation with a security guard at a local motel.

“Once in the lobby, the suspect attempted to move toward an employee, at which time the suspect was taken to the ground by the security guard,” according to a news release from Lafayette police.

Though the cause of death isn’t yet known, police told the source he was allegedly walking around the property dressed in only his underwear harassing hotel employees and guests. Corporal Paul Mouton told the source his death could have been the result of a preexisting health issue, but they would wait until the autopsy results come in until they speculate.

The fact that the hotel security management was successful in stopping the man from doing any harm is what will make guests feel more comfortable with staying there. Earlier this year, a Jennings, Louisiana, woman was arrested for robbing the same hotel twice within 72 hours. The hotel’s security management was able to find the woman after the second attempt, notifying the police after she drove away.

The police pursued the woman until she ultimately lost control of her vehicle. She is being charged with two counts of armed robbery.